Supplier of metallurgical materials

Terms and conditions

Basic sales information

Metallurgical products from the regular assortment of EUROPE 1 STEEL s. r. o. can be purchased in large-capacity warehouses. By closing appropriate purchase contract, the customer agrees with the delivery and payment terms applied by EUROPE 1 STEEL s. r. o., which are available anywhere within the sales department.

Payment terms

Metallurgical products offered can be purchased based on invoice only by customers with proven payment history. Other customers may pay based on a preinvoice with the possibility of transferring advance payment or they may opt for the cash payment. Standard customer registration process takes place in the sales facility prior to the first purchase based on preinvoice. Required documents include a copy of the abstract from the Commercial Register / trade license and a copy of the VAT payer registration document, if the customer is a VAT-payer.

Goods release

The products are released from the warehouses after submitting confirmed purchase contract in the warehouse and by loading the goods sold. If the goods are paid in cash, the documents required for releasing from the warehouse include a draft purchase contract nike air vapormax and invoice, which the customer obtained in the sales department. If the goods are sold based on a preinvoice, a call for taking the goods released by the sales department is necessary as a proof of receiving the funds to the supplier's account. Goods release process is finished by handing the delivery note over to the customer in the shipping department or by providing the receipt if the goods were paid in cash. Invoices are sent by regular mail.

Invoicing address:

EUROPE 1 STEEL s. r. o.
Biskupský dvůr 2095/8
110 00 Praha 1 - Nové Město

Correspondence address:

EUROPE 1 STEEL s. r. o.
Za Olšávkou 365
686 01 Uherské Hradiště

Opening hours

Sales department:
Mo - Fri: 7pm – 3am
Sales representatives:
Mo - Fri: 6pm – 6am