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We offer and can quickly supply any unusual open, hollow and hot-rolled materials through our proven suppliers abroad.

If required, our manufacturers are able to produce rolling tools for open and hollow profiles for any size of product based on customer requirements, while the prices of the tools range from EUR 2 000 to EUR 50 000 depending on complexity.

In the event we do not have the material you need in our catalogue, please contact our sales manager.

Hollow sections - square, rectangular

Precision hollow profiles with rectangular sections Precision hollow profiles with flattened oval sections Precision hollow profiles with tunnel sections Precision hollow profiles with square sections Hollow profiles with..

Hollow sections - round

Standard steel threaded pipes Strengthened steel threaded pipes Longitudinally welded steel pipes Precision steel welded pipes omega replica..

Open sections

equal angles unequal angles U-sections, C-sections other - based on customer's requirements orologi replica..

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